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Essential Guide to Cleaning Glass Cabinets

Ever wanted to see your own reflection in your display cabinet? Ever wanted your stock to shine so bright your customers, fans, friends and family members demand to know

Exhibitions On The Move

Anyone who regularly attends exhibitions and sets up short-term displays can tell you how quickly the novelty wears off. Trade shows and exhibitions can be an excellent way to get directly to your customers and make fantastic business

Retail Layout Secrets

With the rise of online shopping, brick and mortar stores need to do everything they can to get customers through their doors. Careful consideration of the design and layout of a store is essential to create the right impression and get the tills ringing.

Jewellers: Store Design Tips

Selling jewellery in a competitive market isn’t easy. These small but beautiful products are often hard to merchandise. Choosing between open or closed cabinets, ambient or accent lighting can seem overwhelming. Following some simple tips on jewellery store design can help you boost sales and give customers an experience they will remember.

How to Generate Impulse Sales

Encouraging shoppers to buy products impulsively - or even to step inside a shop in the first place - is all about psychology. There has been plenty of research to show that optimising the layout of a store can have a huge impact on sales figures. Even simple things like displaying a product at eye level, or placing impulse shelving by the tills, can dramatically increase revenue over time. For retailers, this means that evaluating how a store design is working, and acknowledging where improvements are needed, can be a smart business move.